Ellen stack

$ 32.00

A pretty little stack for mommy and me! You can purchase just a little girl's stack and/or a matching set for you!

1) A neutral speckled beaded stretch bracelet with a white stone feature

2) A dalmatian beaded stretch bracelet with dark grey cross feature

3) A frost beaded stretch bracelet with a gold faceted bead feature


Ltd. jewels for kids is intended to be worn only under adult supervision for short periods of time. This product contains small parts that can be a serious choking hazard to the child or child's siblings. Please monitor your child when wearing these items at all times and do not allow your child to sleep while wearing Ltd. jewels. If your child does fall asleep while wearing Ltd. jewels, please remove them immediately. As tempting a chew toy as these items seem, please do not allow your child to put them in her mouth.

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